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How To Get A Man To Understand You- 5 Handy Tips


As a woman, you know how difficult it is to get a man to understand you. You are talking to him but you get the look like you just spoke a foreign language. This is really annoying and can some time make you feel fed up with each other. So how do you get him to understand you? Try implementing these tips on how to get a man to understand you and you will finally feel better.

*Give him some space

Men hate nagging women and love being given their space. If he is busy watching his favorite football team playing, playing video games or having a good time with his friends, don’t even demand his attention because it is not the best time. If you do so, you will be wasting your words because he will not be listening as he will feel like you are nagging him. So the best way is to just tell him that you got something important to tell him and then step away so he come looking for you. Giving him some space will make him understand you more.

*Appreciate him

Men love to be appreciated. So the more you appreciate him, the more he’ll want to understand you. Therefore, appreciate him as you try to get him to understand you more. If he pause a video game so he can listen to what you have to say and you are happy with the attention, ensure you let him know.

*Don’t yell

If he does not understand that you need him to listen to you, then don’t get upset and start yelling at him saying that he never listens to you. If you start with that, he will shut down immediately so everything you have to say afterwards will fall on deaf ears. So be patient with him and start the conversation with the problem at hand and you will see how he will be more open to talk and understand you.

*Engage him more in the conversation

You can do this by asking him if he understands. As you are talking to him and you notice the look of “I’m not really listening stare”, just stop and ask him if he is really following you. In case it does not seem like he is then the best thing is to just go back and explain it better. Tell him how much you value his input on the topic and you want to make sure he understands what you’re talking about. This way he’ll appreciate that you care a lot about what he thinks and will get to understand you more. In addition, ask him if he has any questions too because that way you can explain anything he has missed.

*Tell him what you actually want to hear

Men naturally don’t understand what you want from them to make you feel better so the best way to get him to understand you is to tell him. If there are some things you don’t like to hear, tell him what you love to hear from a man so he understands you better. For example, if you hate complements make him know that so you avoid uncomfortable situations.

Other Tips

*Avoid talking to him when he is not in the mood especially when upset.

*Ask him when he is ready to pay attention to you.

*Be straight forward with him.


These tips won’t work overnight so don’t think doing them once will get your man to understand you forever. The key is to be patient and try each strategy until you find the one that works for your man.



How To Make Soy Floating Candles


Learning how to make soy floating candles is an investment. With this technique in your bag of tricks you will no longer need to go out and buy expensive candle arrangements that are basically just affordable ingredients with unreasonable mark-up prices added to them. You can style up your tables at parties and amaze your guests with floating candles that you made yourself.

Making soy floating candles is a simple process. There is no need for complex techniques. The process is a lot like learning how to make gel candles but easier.

The Candle-Making Process

1. Get all of your ingredients together. You will need;
– Candle wicks,
– Scented oils,
– Soy candle wax,
– Essential oils
– A glass bowl,
– Color dye,
– Thermometer,
– A melting pot,
– Molds.

2. Place the wick at the center of the mold. Choosing wicks that come with their own stands would be wise so that they can sit at the center of the mold without your having to hold it in place. Do not glue the wick to the bottom of the mold as you will want to reuse the mold for the next time that you want to make floating candles.

3. Place the wax in the melting pot and turn up the heat until it is hot enough to melt the wax but not burn it off. A good temperature for this is 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Add the dye of your choice in the wax when it has melted and stir the pot to distribute it evenly. Choose a color that matches the shape of the mold that you have chosen. For example if you are using rose-shaped molds then use a red or pink dye. If you would like to add a scent to your candles add a few drops of an essential oil. A good choice would be rose or lavender.

4. Now that your wax is ready, slowly pour the hot mix into the mold. The wax tends to shrink as it cools so try to fill the molds all the way up to the brim. They will take about 24 hours to cool and set so leave them in a cool place with plenty of air and come back later to trim any wax that may have flowed over the brim.

5. Remove the molds and set them in water.

There you have your five quick steps to making your own soy floating candles. The process is just as easy as I said it would be.

The Mechanics Behind Why They Float

The answer is simple physics. Buoyancy brought about due to the shape that they’re designed in means that they are able to keep themselves above the water’s edge. Their bases are smaller than their tops which makes it displace water in a way that creates a greater upthrust than down. This is the same principle that keeps ships from sinking.

The shapes of floating candles have changed since the idea was first developed. Soy floating candles of today boast tops that have a number of designs such as animals and flower petals.

When To Use Soy Floating Candles

Soy floating candles can be for just about any occasion. You can use them to set a relaxing mood when you want to keep yourself company or even at social events to bring a sense of class to your tables. The beauty of floating candles is that the different dyes and molds give you flexibility in which candles to use for which occasion.

If you’d like to set the mood for an intimate dinner then you can use flower-shaped candles with lavender oils or if the setting is more of a party you may use citrus-scented oils which are known to bring a sense of energy to the atmosphere.


Everything you need to know about synthroid withdrawal


Synthroid or Levothyroxine assists in regulating the body’s metabolism as well as the energy. It’s basically a replacement for hormones that thyroids normally produce. Synthroid is used for treating low thyroid hormone levels in the body. They are also prescribed for hormone imbalances that are caused during radiation treatments.

Immediately you stop taking Levothyroxine, your body undergoes withdrawal; it’s unadvisable to stop taking Levothyroxine unless your doctor gives you an advice to do so. Here are the major side effects stopping Synthroid:

  • – 1. Hypothyroidism
  • – Synthroid withdrawal causes hypothyroidism or underactive thyroids. Hypothyroidism causes weight gains, depression, fatigue as well as sensitivity to cold. This is because the body lacks enough thyroid hormones and this leads to the slowing down of body processes. Patients who suffer from thyroid cancer may experience acute hypothyroidism caused by Levothyroxine withdrawal
  • – 2. Depression and anxiety
  • – Reducing or stopping the dosage causes increased depression as well as anxiety
  • – 3. Insulin resistance
  • – Thyroid hormones assist in modulation of glucose metabolism since the body’s insulin responds to blood sugar. Levothyroxine withdrawal causes what is commonly known as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to reduced glucose disposal. Blood glucose affects the body’s energy level as well as the ability to burn fats
  • – 4. Dry skin
  • – Another side effect that is associated with Levothyroxine withdrawal is dry or pale skin. The skin’s moisture content is affected by the reduced amounts of hormone available; this causes hypothyroidism. Other side effects of Synthroid include hair loss and dry brittle nails
  • – 5. Neck pains and dilated blood pressure
  • – You must monitor your blood pressure immediately you withdraw from taking Synthroid. You must inform your doctor the moment the aforementioned conditions escalate beyond safe levels. The moment your heart begins racing at abnormal rates, seek emergency medical services
  • – 6. Face and neck swelling, labored breathing and heat intolerance
  • – Levothyroxine withdrawal causes body reactions that lead to alteration of hormone levels as well as the size of the thyroid. If swelling and breathing gets to extreme levels and you feel as if you will lose your consciousness, seek medical services with immediate effect
  • – 7. Eye pains and double blurred visions
  • – These side effects are less common but they still require medical attention. An adjustment on the taking of doses may all that is required to save this problem and prevent further negative reactions
  • – 8. Clammy skin, lightheartedness and confusion
  • – These symptoms are paired with breath shortfall immediately you withdraw from taking Synthroid. Such patients also suffer from rash or hives
  • – 9. Interruption of natural growth amongst children
  • – Synthroid withdrawal also causes interruption of natural growth amongst children. Children who have withdrawn from taking Synthroid need constant monitoring to ensure that they do not develop a condition that may lead to permanent damages on body parts. Victims of withdrawal need to adjust the dose so that they can compensate for the natural hormone changes that take place on such occasions

NB- People suffering from adrenal gland issues, circulatory or heart diseases may not be in a better position to take Levothyroxine. This medication increases the chances of suffering from a heart attack. It may also lead to an increase in severity as far as your condition is concerned. It’s vital to seek the services of a doctor for advice


Window Cleaning Procedures


Cleaning windows is not as easy as most folks would think. You have to be meticulous with every detail, and follow the right window cleaning procedures to the letter. Otherwise, you will notice a myriad of streaks, blemishes, and marks on your windows. This article delves into foolproof window cleaning procedures everyone should know.

1. First and foremost, gather all the necessary supplies and cleaning equipment. You’ll need a window cleaning solution, a natural or synthetic sponge, a window squeegee, razor blade scraper, and towel. Although you may not have access to this janitorial equipment, some of the basic tools will do the job just fine.

2. Remove all screens. You may opt to either clean each screen by dry wiping or wet mopping, based on their level of dirtiness and material stuck on them.

3. Wet the entire window. Using a sponge or brush, apply the window cleaning solution or soft washer. While washing windows, work on the inside and outside simultaneously in order to save time.

4. After wetting the window, use a sage aggressive scrubber or razor blade scraper to remove wax, tar, graffiti, paint overspray, tree sap, and all bugs. This particular procedure should be carried out properly since glass may easily be scratched; wetting the glass helps to prevent this.

5. Using a wet sponge or brush, scrub the glass vigorously. Make sure to get rid of dirt around the frame of the window. Wet the window once more as you prepare to use the squeegee.

6. Perform the first squeegee stroke. Start at the top left corner and angle the squeegee such that six inches of the blade rests on the glass. Use the chamois to wipe the squeegee from time to time. Repeat strokes and ensure to squeegee the entire window. Overlap each stroke too. However, avoid using excessive pressure.

7. Remove all remaining moisture. Use the sponge to soak up water at the edges of the window. Don’t forget to wash the chamois in the cleaning solution. Additionally, Make sure to dry it before reusing.

8. Wipe down all sills.

9. Use the towel or sponge to clean the frame. Wipe the side frames too.

10. Reinstall the screens.

It is advisable to work in the shade or during cloudy days; this is because direct sunlight dries the solution faster than you can clean.

If you don’t have access to the equipment used in the above window cleaning procedure, don’t worry. Simply use vinegar (it is a multi-purpose cleaning solution), and newspapers. Don’t use colored pages if you need a better cleaning effect. A gallon of water is also required. You will also need a garden hose with sprayer, and a bucket. These simple items work magic when cleaning a normal sized house.

The job is done! Well done. However, if you are steel not satisfied by your work, feel free to repeat these steps or other window cleaning procedures. Be sure to clean yourself too. Obviously, you won’t be as clean as you were before commencing work. Wash your hands with soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Store the cleaning tools well; you’ll still need them next time.

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